Current Holdings for ALL-NEW 2020 Daily Decision Model Portfolio

The ALL-NEW 2020 Daily Decision Model Portfolio


The Daily Decision Model Portfolio is an active, risk-managed, multi-strategy, multi-manager strategy designed to be an aggressive growth approach. The primary objective of the portfolio is to stay in tune with the major market cycles - both bull and bear. However, the portfolio will, at times, actively manage exposures based on shorter-term moves. In addition to "timing" moves, the portfolio will utilize levered positions via ETFs and may hold an effective net short position during negative cycles. The management strategy incorporates multiple trading strategies so as to avoid the "singular failure" problem that can occur when a single strategy is out of sync. We anticipate the portfolio will trade 2-3 times a week and hold between two and four ETF positions.

Please note that the Daily Decision Portfolio strategy is aggressive in nature and thus, drawdowns can and will occur. However, in our experience, the strategy tends to rebound quickly after temporary pullbacks.

Current Positions


At the time of publication, the editors hold long positions in the following securities mentioned: SSO, QLD - Note that positions may change at any time.

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The Front Range Trading Team

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