Self-made 17-year trading veteran has been consistently beating the market since 1998... revealing the 'Paint-by-Numbers' simple trading secret he uses to bank bigger gains...

“If You're Ready to Consistently Profit from the Market... This Simple 'Trade-When-I Trade' System Gives You the BEST Set Ups so You Have a Clear-Cut Plan to Pull in Big Gains and Returns!”

Each Week... I'll Hand you the Single Best Trade Set ups That I've Personally Vetted... so You Know What to Buy, When to Buy, and When to Sell... Making It Easy to Book Bigger Profits More Often

If you want a faster and easier way to pick winning trades... I'll show you how I've been able to uncover some little-known trading information to FIND the highest probability trades... so you dramatically increase your odds of profiting as well.

Read below as I show you the ONE trading secret that has led to more profits than any other for me over the past 17 years.

Dear Trader:

Are you tired of trying to figure out what makes a good trade and what doesn't? Would you like an easy way to determine when you should trade and when you should wait?

Would you like a faster, easier way to cut through the noise and clutter of the market... so you can focus on specific stocks that are ready to move now? Are you fed up with puny returns, lost gains, or NO gains from your trading?

Look, if you want to increase the odds of making bigger gains and profits each time you trade... you'll want to read this letter.

Hi, my name is Serge Berger and I've been an active and very successful trader since 1998. After all, you don't last almost 20 years as a trader without doing SOMETHING right.

I'm known in the financial circles as the “Steady Trader” because of my ability to consistently profit without emotion coming into play. I'm cool as a cucumber when it comes to my trading...and it's this coolness under pressure that allows me to trade and profit like I have ice water running through my veins.

Other traders? They may stay on the sidelines due to fear of losing money.

I've also been a financial analyst, dealing in fixed income instruments at JP Morgan. I was a proprietary trader in equities, equity options and futures. I've also been featured in the book ‘How the world’s most successful traders make a living in the markets’

Why am I Telling You any of This?

The reason why I'm writing is because I have something that can make trading FAR more profitable for you.

It's by helping you cut through all the noise and clutter in the market. That way, you can focus on JUST the things that matter when it comes to winning trades and banking profits.

Let's face it. We live in a noisy, noisy world.

With the internet giving you 24/7 access to any financial market in the world... and with 24 hour TV programming like MSNBC or CNBC giving you market, trading, and financial advice around the clock.... it's become overwhelming.

What do You Trade? Or When?

Who can you trust for advice? How do you know when the markets are good to enter?

How can you cut through the noise and sift through the clutter to come up with an effective method for enjoying consistent gains and healthy profits?

Well... that's what I'm here for. If you're ready to enjoy steady, consistent profits... I can help.

See... over the last 17 years... I've created a trading method that has allowed me to figure out the BEST situations to enter the market because that's when the most opportunity was. Due to specific information and experience, I've learned what causes the market to MOVE... and more importantly...

How You Can Use That to Your Advantage to Profit

These days, I can spot good trades clearly and determine which strategies to apply in certain situations.

In fact, I've learned a specific method of trading that's allowed me to increase my returns and profits from trading by almost tenfold.

How? Simple. I focus on the highest probability setups, in the BEST market environment, and then follow some strict rules.

And over the next few minutes, I'll explain my consistently reliable trading method in detail... and also show you why I can help you book profits faster, easier, and more consistently.

For 17 years now... I've consistently beaten the market and won a lot more trades than I've lost... banking a lot of profits along the way.

And I Honestly Owe it All to ONE Tactic!

And it's been this secret that's helped me and my subscribers to enjoy bigger profits.

If you're a new trader who hasn't made your first trade yet... I can cut out the trial and error as well as the long learning curve most traders go through.

If you're an experienced trader who isn't happy with the gains you're currently making... I can help you focus on JUST the stuff that's profitable.

No matter what level of trader you are... I can help you win more trades, enjoy bigger gains, and bank bigger profits.

Let Me Paint a Picture for You...

For most traders... their mind is like the ocean during a hurricane: Huge waves crashing against the shore... making so much noise. It's tough to focus and concentrate.

One trading website says one thing... one TV show says another. Again, who do you listen to?

With the strategy I've learned over 17 years of experience and profitable trading... I can show you exactly what you need to be on the lookout for... things you NEED to have for a good trade to take place.

I'll show you how to spot a good trade set up that's ready to move...

So You Can Focus on That and the Gains it will Produce

When you're able to trade without emotion... when your mind is calm because you have a preset plan to follow... it's much easier to focus on what actually works.

Trading like this only comes from years of 17 years of experience to be exact.

It's this length of trading experience that has allowed me to take a step back, observe what works best, and use that... cutting out the noise and B.S.

And one of the biggest things I've learned over my 17 years of experience is this: there are GREAT times to be actively trading...

And There are Times to Wait on the Sidelines

When I first started trading back in 1998... there wasn't nearly the noise, clutter, and 24/7 trading information as there is today.

Because of that... I was able to learn specific methods for trading under the most profitable circumstances.

And now... even with our wired world, 24/7 TV shows, and so much noise being thrown at you... the same methods I learned 17 years ago work even better today.

Why? Because they help you trade with a clear, focused mind. They help you trade with a preset plan that walks you through exactly what you want to be on the lookout for, and then what to do once you spot it.

We Want to Trade When Certain Events Happen

Certain trading environments tend to provide more profitable trading opportunities.

I can show you how to be on the look out for those. Instead of worrying that you need to look through 100 charts, or graphs on 50 stocks... I'm going to show you how to cut out the noise, focus on what's important, and make trades that pull in bigger gains and bigger profits.

Instead of trading in the most volatile markets... I've managed to learn about certain events and situations that let me know it's the perfect environment to trade.

And the flip side is... I've learned when to NOT trade, which is just as important as learning when to trade. If the market environment isn't favorable... I don't trade.

This Helps Me Enjoy Larger Gains and Bigger Profits

Because I've been able to fine tune this system to the point it profits like many other traders ask me if I can teach them how to profit more from certain market conditions.

I managed to hammer out a system that only trades during favorable conditions... so that I can help newer traders increase the likelihood of winning trades.

I'm proud of the gains and profits I've been able to help my subscribers pull in with my specific directions. That's right... for the past few years, I've been sending a group of subscribers a weekly newsletter consisting of reliable “do this, then do that” steps and profitable advice.

This way... you cut out all emotion and focus on JUST those stocks worth trading. It's easier to profit from the market this way. And that, my friend, is what I'd like to share with you.

Introducing “Hot Stocks to Watch”...

‘Hot Stocks To Watch’ is my weekly newsletter that gives you straightforward analysis and charts that break down the highest probability stock ideas for the week ahead.

Your analysis includes the charts, graphs, and information you need to go into the trading week with a preset plan based on what works, based on my experience, and based on my proven track record.

You get 1 to 2 trades per week in stocks priced roughly $10 or less. You can use these stocks to model me and trade without having to do a ton of research.

These 1 to 2 stocks I give you each week are pulled from the same method I've perfected over the last 17 years.

Nothing complicated... just precise trade alerts on what to trade, when to enter, and when to exit. I'll also give you a weekly update on the broader market environment.

This service will have a built-in portfolio so that trades can be tracked. Once you see what's in the newsletter... you'll cut through all the market noise you don't need to pay attention to.

I can show you exactly what trades are best to focus on and how to execute them.

I'll show you why I think it's ready to move and provide a fast, decent profit. I say “fast” because we're in and out in days, possibly a few weeks. But no longer than that.

Look, there's a ton of noise these days... it's tough to cut through it all and find TRUTHFUL information that helps you make better gains and more profits with your trades.

The mainstream financial media has 24 hour stations these days. That means they need a LOT of content in order to fill programming spots.

So Want to Know What They Do?

They make up broad, generic content on a daily just to entertain and attract viewers. The more viewers they attract with entertaining stories, the more ad revenue they make.

Please, if you're getting your trading advice from a mass media outlet, you're doomed to fail. By the time they get their information and pass it on to you, all the gains have been sucked out of that trade. That's because those on the “inside” have already taken most of the profit.

That's why I took matters into my own hands and put the odds of profiting back in my favor.

Look, if you're ever going to make a decent amount of money from trading, you need a way to cut through all of this financial media ‘noise.’

Well, as a member of my Hot Stocks to Watch newsletter service... you'll learn what REALLY moves the market, when to trade, and when NOT to trade... cutting out the guesswork because you'll have a preset and predetermined plan of attack.

If you're an active trader or investor... you can dramatically improve your winning trades and dramatically increase your profits once you know when the environment is favorable.

It's true. In my 17 years of experience... I've found that most gains come from knowing when the market conditions are ripe for success...

Giving you Healthy Profits You Can Bank on

And the flip side is... I've also learned from experience the times when it’s best to sit on the sidelines until market conditions turn favorable again.

Look, if the market is too volatile and you have a chance of losing money... why not wait until conditions improve and your odds of profiting increase? I've been able to double my returns and profits by simply waiting for the right time to invest... and that also means sitting out when conditions aren't favorable.

The truth of the matter is, most ‘indicators’ and ‘signals’ are worthless unless they're applied in the right market environment.

If you don’t understand the bigger picture of what’s moving the market... where risks currently are coming from, the major economic, corporate, and geopolitical events, monetary policy, and more... then you're not trading or investing.

You're Gambling Because the Odds are Against you

When you're not aware of the things that actually MOVE the market and cause certain assets to rise or fall... then you're not prepared like you should be.

But, when you can cut through the noise and focus on the major economic, corporate, and geopolitical events like I'll show you... you're stacking the odds in your favor. THIS is how traders and investors get rich. They do it by improving the odds of making healthy profits because they know the market conditions.

Again, major economic, corporate, and geopolitical events move the market. So if you're aware of what to look for... you'll know when to trade and when to be out of the market is.

By showing you what actually causes the market to move... so you can see for yourself when to trade... it's like I'm teaching you HOW to fish instead of handing you a fish to eat for a day. Sure, I could just hand you fish, over and over again.

That's what giving you the trades to make would be like... if I didn't show you WHY. But what does that help you with over the long term? Nothing, really..

Because You'll Always be Dependent on Someone

But if I can show you how the major economic, corporate, and geopolitical events influence the markets... you'll know what to look for. This will make you self-sufficient as a trader.

And it would be like me teaching you how to fish, as opposed to just giving you fish.

My trading approach is how the major hedge funds successfully reap big profits in the markets. The big hedge fund managers understand that you can't trade a stock in a vacuum.

You gotta look at the big picture and not just a short time frame. You need to understand which sectors, groups, and asset classes are READY to rally....

Giving You an Easier Chance to Profit With Stocks in Those Specific Sectors!

I can show you how to apply a high probability trading approach by understanding the broader market environment.

This means you'll know when the environment is ‘high probability’ and gives you the best chance to go in, make great trades, and enjoy bigger profits. Once you know what to look for... you'll know how to spot high-profit entries.

Again, this proven method is used successfully by billion dollar hedge fund managers. You can use it as well, so you can stop guessing and instead, stack the odds in your favor... greatly increasing your chance of winning more trades and enjoying more profits.

Look, if you're interested in becoming profitable... realize that knowledge is power. And part of the power comes from knowing when NOT to trade as well as knowing WHEN to trade.

So Follow Someone Who Has Figured this out!

Someone who knows how to cut through the noise and clutter the mainstream media hands out... and instead, focus on the right trades, at the right times, using the right information.

Why trust your trading to financial programming on TV or online that's so mainstream... by the time they talk about it... it's no longer valid because the profits have been sucked out of it.

If you want REAL financial freedom, the ability to travel anywhere, work from anywhere, do whatever you want... that's what “Hot Stocks to Watch” offers you.

I'm not looking to just hand you the fish, although I do that at first with my high probability trade picks.

I also want to teach you how to “fish” in any market.. so you're self-sufficient and able trade by yourself without needing anyone else.

By giving you fish to start, while teaching you how to fish (learning how to use major economic, corporate, and geopolitical events) you become self-sufficient in the markets.

Knowing what you're doing means you're following specific market events so you know what sectors are ripe for profit and which to stay away from. You'll know when to trade, when not to trade, and because of that... you can a lot more trading profits to your bank account.

Believe me, after 17 years in the business, only a few things are worth paying attention to in order to consistently make money in the markets.

But almost all traders DON'T know what to look for!

That's why Most Day Traders Don't make money...

In fact they lose a lot of money because there's too much noise and clutter... too much going on at once... and too much to focus on.

Most people don’t have the time, patience, or knowledge to win at day-trading.

Most folks don’t want to sit in front of their computer all day watching their trades... being on edge while waiting out each and every trade.

That's why my approach uses holding periods of a few days to a few weeks. This allows people with jobs, kids, or other commitments to actively engage in the markets in a low-stress, high probability way.

By focusing on a few important things and cutting out the rest...

You Become a Consistently Profitable Trader

It's true, by pinpointing when the market is in a favorable environment... when the market is ripe for trading and profits... that's when you want to be active.

I can show you which sectors/stocks you want to focus on in any given market environment.

You'll also learn a high probability trade entry and exit strategy that leaves the guesswork out.

I focus on high probability market environments when the odds are in our favor. I then focus on the sectors/groups/stocks that favor the current environment... which dramatically increases the returns and profits you make.

Understand that there are times the market is great to be trading in and other times where it's not favorable. These are the times you want to sit on the sidelines.

Saving Money is as Important as Making it

If I can help prevent you from losing money, that's as important as helping you make it.

There are times where you want to be trading because the profits you can make in some sectors is easy as pie. Other times, the sectors are stagnant and the only thing that will happen is you'll lose money.

That's why “gurus” who are trying to sell you an indicator or ‘system’ to trade all the time are simply out to take your money. Because there are many times during the year when the market environment isn’t good to use that indicator.

And trading when you shouldn't be trading can mean over trading and losses. To become a ‘steady trader’ you have to understand if the market environment is good to be active in it, at that specific time.

Brokers won’t tell you this because they want you to constantly trade... which is what puts commissions in their pockets. The more trades you make, the more commissions they earn.

They Want You to Trade Year Round

Financial advisers don't follow the markets close enough and are not on top of market environments all the time. They couldn't tell you when the market is favorable to trade and be active in... and when it's not.

They're too busy selling broad products and services... things like life insurance, funds, and other items that they earn money on if they sell you on them.

Again, they don't have their ears to the market floor like I do. Their knowledge about the markets is what the mass media spews out.

Like I said you can't make the kind of profits you want if you're listening to mass media. If you're trying to follow someone who is NOT currently tuned-in to the markets in detail...

You're Not Making the Money You COULD

By focusing on when the market is good to trade and which sectors/groups to focus on in any given environment... you can eliminate unnecessary stress and financial losses.

Not only that, you'll also have an easier time sticking to your trading plan then if you were to just trade the market all the time... trying every approach without a real plan.

Look, when you focus on sectors/groups/stocks showing relative strength... and you focus on bullish reversals using candlesticks... those bullish reversals give us clear capitulation by the bears and opens the upside.

Your risk is limited and there's great upside. Again, my goal is to start by handing you the fish (trades) you need to sustain yourself while you learn how to fish (trade) on your own. I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't show you how to be a profitable, self-sufficient trader.

Each and every week, you can follow my advice and place the trades I issue. When you do... you have an opportunity to enjoy consistent and reliable gains and profits.

At the same time, you'll be learning what causes the markets to move, what makes it a favorable trading environment, and when it's best to sit out.

Again, I Hand You the Fish While Teaching You How

Ordinary folks like you are using my advice to see steady, consistent profits trade after trade.

New traders, inexperienced traders, even seasoned traders who got tired of measly returns can cut through the noise and methodically pick the best stocks to trade, in a favorable market environment that can skyrocket your odds of profiting.

Knowing the best conditions and market to trade is something gained from years of experience. The best part is, you don't have to sign up for 20 advisory services, or spend hours pouring through stock charts, financial reports, or other boring methods just to find a few good potential trades.

Look, I've been trading profitably since 1998. That's almost 20 years. I tell it like it is... so that my subscribers can have a beacon of hope guiding them through the landmines.

So if you want to enjoy consistent and reliable profits.. you have to cut through all the noise that makes it so confusing for traders. That way, your mind isn't racing, you're not distracted by a million things, and you can focus on ONE method that works.

That method is learning how to use major economic, corporate, and geopolitical events to determine market environment. We want to trade when the market is ripe for profits...

And Sit OUT When it's NOT!

While other traders look for the “get rich quick” stock tip that doesn't exist... you'll focus on this ONE specific method that's based on WHAT actually causes the markets to move.

That way, you can use this time and time again to enjoy consistency and reliability. Once you know how to use major economic, corporate, and geopolitical events that determine what the markets do.. once you know what to look for... you simply trade in that time.

I know my trading methods work because I've been extremely pleased with the profits. Not only that, hundreds of subscribers are following my trades so I must be doing something right.

I believe that in order to be successful at trading, you need to put as many odds in your favor as possible. And knowing the major economic, corporate, and geopolitical events that affect market environments is how you enter when it's profitable and stay out when it's not.

That's Why I've Been Consistently Profitable

And it's why, since 1998, I've been able to prosper during the 2 big crashes.

It's true, during the tech bubble of 2000... I did very well because I was relying more on common sense instead of my emotions. When I was seeing tech stock prices fly up through the roof... with no real earnings to back them up... I knew it wouldn't be long before it all came crashing down like a house of cards.

Again, I knew that the market was NOT favorable and at some point soon, the crap was going to hit the fan because there was no way to sustain these kinds of skyrocketing share prices.

Sticking with my plan of only trading during favorable market conditions helped me actually profit during a time when most people lost their shirts. It was this common sense approach to trading that got me through the housing crisis of 2008 as well.

And not only was I able to survive those 2 storms...

I Actually Profited As Well...

That's how knowing the major economic, corporate, and geopolitical events that move the market can work in your favor.

Because you can take the steps needed to protect yourself and your money.

See, when there's too much noise going on, it's tough to make clear decisions. As a result, if something like the tech bubble or housing crisis happens... you have no idea what to do.

But, when your trading mind is calm... you can focus and concentrate on finding the best trades that will produce the most profits possible. And that only happens when you know what causes the market to move... when you know how it all works and have a plan based on that.

When you know what you're looking for... you're able to focus, grab the trades you know will offer the best chance to win, and you can pick bigger winners more often.

That's the benefit of a system like the one I'll share with you. It allows you to cut out the noise and emotions that can cause traders to lose money.

When you're emotionally tied to a stock or a particular trade... you tend not to follow the system the way it's meant to work. You either hold too long, or sell too soon... and you don't allow the system to do it's thing.

With my trading approach... I've been able to THRIVE through any kind of bull or bear marketsand come out better off.

Because I Only Trade in the Most Favorable Markets!

Doing that can increase my odds of profiting greatly while also reducing risk.

And it all comes from following the major economic, corporate, and geopolitical events so I know the market situation, what will make the market move in a certain way, and how to best be prepared for that.

Like I mentioned earlier.. a dollar SAVED from avoiding a losing trade is like a dollar EARNED from making a good one.

So imagine how fast your money can grow when you get rid of what can lead to bad trades.. while greatly increasing your odds of making profitable trades. That way, you don't lose money... but rather consistently make bigger gains and bigger profit.

Over the last 17 years... I've been able to find a perfect balance of reliable, consistent profits... while greatly limiting risk and enjoying a market environment ripe with profitable trades. And I know how to find them by focusing on a few important factors.

By trading in the most favorable environments... you greatly reduce the risk of losing money. I don't like losing money and I certainly don't want to risky my subscribers' money.

I Treat my Subscribers' Trades Like My Own

Meaning... if it doesn't have potential to return a nice, consistent profit... I won't highlight the idea .

In fact, I'll only discuss trades based on my experience and formula. You can be sure my strategies work and offer reliable, consistent, and SAFE gains and profits.

There's no way I'd last 17 years in the market if I didn't have a proven system that helped me score more gains and profits from more winning trades.

Like I said, it mostly has to do with making sure the market is in a favorable environment before I even pick my trades. Using the major economic, corporate, and geopolitical events... I'll hunt and track down the trades I feel offer up the best chance of positive returns.

I've learned that noise and clutter is the enemy. So I rely on a concentrated focus.... in a favorable environment where I get rid of emotion and rely on technical and fundamentals.

With a lot of hard work and trial and error over the last 17 years of trading...

I've Developed THE Most Consistent way to Profit!

Having the ability to cut through the clutter, block out the noise, and focus my efforts on this one method is what makes my newsletter service more profitable than any other.

That's why I designed my newsletter and service around one of the market's most trusted profit-producers: Only trading in favorable market conditions, cutting out all the noise and clutter, focusing on ONE method, and getting rid of emotions when trading.

And if you'd like the opportunity to see solid gains more often... I'd love for you to use the same consistently profitable system I use.

With the Hot Stocks to Watch active investing and trading newsletter, I'm looking for particular set ups on certain trades. When I find them, I let you know about them.

I'm not looking for long term “buy and hold”... I'm looking for stocks that are ready to make a solid move.. so my subscribers can bank some fast and easy gains in days or a few weeks.

Here's Just a Tiny Sliver
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My System Allows you to Profit FASTER and EASIER

Like I said, I hate losing money and I hate taking unnecessary risks with my money. And I certainly refuse to put my subscribers’ money at risk.

Every time I look for a profitable set up and possible good trade, I think of my subscribers FIRST. Not my needs... but YOURS. And I treat every move as if it comes down to making sure your money is safe... and more importantly, that you're going to make a nice big profit.

I think of that new addition you want to add on to the house. I think of that new swimming pool your kids would enjoy. I think of that new car your daughter will need when she heads off to college. I think of your retirement and how I want you to enjoy it, and not have to slave away working like so many people are forced to do these days.

Again, before I even mention a trade... I think of you and your money and how hard you've worked for it. And I won't make a move unless I feel it's got solid profit potential.

I make sure that the market conditions are favorable. That's why I honestly feel that my service is THE best way to consistently beat the market, without putting your cash at risk.

Enjoy FAR more Gains and Profits

I want you to think of me when you're retired, lying on the beach someplace tropical... thankful you decided to give my service a try. If I can make that much of a positive impact in your life and your family's life... that motivates me to get even better and better at this.

I've already spent 17 years mastering this method. My goal is to help you win as many trades as you can bank more profits consistently.

I can't think of another method that gives you this kind of consistent profit potential with this limited risk. For the last 17 years now... I've been consistently helping everyday traders make bigger returns and more profits in the market.

I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure a trade has amazing potential and offers the chance for a big gain and profit... with less risk. Then and only then will I issue my trade alerts to you.

It's because of this careful, methodical, approach that I've been able to win so often. By making sure the market conditions are favorable, by making sure I've cut out the noise... that's when I can find the picks I'll hand you. This method is why my subscribers have been able to consistently profit and make bigger gains, more often following my advice.

I'll Find the Stocks that Are Set up to Move in Your Favor

After 17 years... I know what to look for and I know what it takes. I figured if I'm going to be trading, I might as well take a few folks along for the profit ride of their life.

And since I'm so confident in my method... I'm more than willing to share it with other traders who don't have the experience or even time to find good trades.

With my service, I can help you find trades that make money faster and easier than if you tried finding them yourself. Like I said at the beginning... often times it's the noise that can work against you. With 24/7 TV blasting trading information... it can be confusing.

My job is to come in, cut out noise and clutter, and help you focus on the stocks that are ready to make the kind of moves we want. THAT is why this works... because it shortcuts the learning curve for you.... helping you become profitable faster and easier.

Let me Show you the Profits You Can Make...

By waiting for a favorable environment ... the trade alerts you get as a subscriber are your very best chance to consistently and reliably profit more.

In a minute, I'll show you how you can start getting my trade alerts. But more importantly, it's amazing how fast you can begin profiting from my reliable trading system.

Instead of watching TV, surfing trading sites, or spending hours going through graphs and charts... you can just open up my trade alerts for the week... feel comfortable they're winners.

That's Why You'll Make Bigger Gains and Profit

It's this sea of clutter and confusion that holds so many traders back. It all becomes a blur after you've been looking at charts and graphs for hours.

If you don't know exactly what you're looking for... it can be tough to consistently win trades and pull profits from the market. Again, it's overwhelm that makes day traders lose money.

With 17 years of trading experience, I can cut out the confusion and increase your odds of winning by making sure the market environment is ripe for good trades and plenty of profits.. and then pinpoint you to the stocks I feel are set up to move in our favor.

Best of all, you can receive my trade alerts right from the comfort of home... by subscribing to my trading service... Hot Stocks to Watch. You'll get up to 1 to 2 picks per week. I'll let you know WHAT to get into, WHEN to get in and WHEN to get out.

Very often, my trade alerts will pay off sooner than later... since the market conditions are in our favor. Instead of trying to find one or two good trades after an hour of searching... just use my service and get them delivered right to you.

It's the fastest and easiest way to return consistent, reliable profits like clockwork. My purpose is to teach you how to fish (trade) using my method for finding good trade set ups.

This way, you don't have to spend hours trying to find the next good trade.

My trading newsletter puts all of my trade alerts into one place, under one roof, so you can enjoy a safe and profitable trading opportunity each and every week.

This way, you don't have to worry about losing your capital because you weren't sure what to do with a specific trade.

If you'd like a faster, easier, and much safer way to profit from the market, take out a subscription to my service. Following my trade alerts is an easy way to boost your profits a lot faster than trying to figure it out on your own.

Profitable Gains that 17 years of Experience Brings

For me, successful trading is all about market knowledge. It's knowing how certain major economic, corporate, and geopolitical events affect the markets and cause them to move.

This allows me to find a favorable environment in which to trade... and increase the likelihood of finding trades that produce bigger gains and profits.

While I study charts and do market research as much as any trader... the one thing that gives me my biggest advantage is the fact I trade under the best market conditions and favorable environment. And I've learned what it takes to get favorable market conditions for traders.

Again, trading can be risky so I use my 17 years of experience and good old fashioned knowledge of major economic, corporate, and geopolitical events, and how they influence the markets and trading. That's how I find the best trades that offer the potential for great gains.

I'll tell you what to trade, when to get in, and when to get out with profits. Since we're trading under favorable conditions... any trader of any level can use this service to enjoy bigger gains.

How my Trading Service Works...

Once you've signed up, you'll get the email newsletter where I average 1 to 2 picks each week. I'll also give you one weekly update on the broader market environment. I don't want to just TELL you what to do, I want to teach you the reasons behind my strategy.

That way, you get the trading information you need to know about... so you can fish for yourself and not depend on anyone else. As a member, you receive 1 to 2 potentially lucrative trade alerts a week. As soon as I uncover the opportunities for the week, I'll send an e-mail with specific trade alerts.

From there you make the trades for the week. Each trade alerts could multiply your money quicker than trying to find the trades on your own. Cutting out trial and error and borrowing my experience can help you enjoy consistent profits that add up. Again, when you sign up, you get a newsletter that gives you 1 to 2 picks per week that are around $10...

So You Can Trade with Volume and Leverage

Each trade lasts anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. This is more short term trading or active investing. What I trade should be moving soon, based on the market environment I know about.

Its certain market conditions that will influence certain sectors... so that's what you'll get. You get my trade alerts – 1 to 2 delivered by e-mail each week. You'll know precisely what to buy, where to buy it and at what price. You'll learn why I believe the stock is moving higher in a very short time.

Think of how much easier it will be when you don't have to spend hours sifting through charts, graphs, and research. You grab my picks, make the trades, and enjoy the bigger returns.

There isn't a safer way to boost your profit in today's volatile market. I've enjoyed a long 17 year history of successful, profitable trades. The trade alerts are easy to understand so you can make the trade and exit when it's time... grabbing bigger gains and more profits.

Just Follow my Instructions All the Way to the Bank...

My 17 years of market experience has helped my subscribers to consistently grab the kind of opportunities that are normally only reserved for Wall Street insiders or trading experts.

In fact, this is the best way for you to cut out trial and error... so you can speed up your own profits. If you want to see bigger gains and higher profits in your portfolio... you have an opportunity to be part of this service and use it to make the kind of gains you want.

I'll tell you the stock I buy/sell, the price, and the exit. Hopefully it takes shape fast so you can pocket gains even faster. Then each day, you watch the stock until it hits my target price.

Then you sell when you're happy with the profits you've made! I promise you ... this proven method is designed to trade when the market is ripe and designed to hand deliver trades that offer steady, consistent, and reliable gains can add up BIG over time.

You can just model after my picks and enjoy the profits they produce. It's been working for hundreds of other traders. And like them... I'd love to help you make bigger gains, healthier returns, and stellar profits that less experienced traders can't find.

No matter how much you want to trade with... this service hand picks the trades for you. You simply follow my lead, model my trades, and collect the profits.

By capturing the steady, sure bets, you can make consistent profits every day. In other words, small, safe profits with less risk can add up to a huge bank account.

I've learned, through 17 years of experience, how to spot certain stocks that are ripe to move soon. I'll tell you when to get in and when to get out... putting quick profits in your pockets.

I've made my subscribers great profits year after year.

I'd Love to Help you do the Same!

Every trade has been hand-picked by me and gone through a gauntlet of specific criteria. By the time it ends up on your desk... you can be sure I feel it's a proven winner ready to produce QUICK profits. In other words, I've designed most of my picks for fast profits.

This is a volatile market. Up one day. Down the next. I've learned, over the last 17 years of trading, that the most favorable market environment works best. And that's a market environment in which most of the odds are stacked in our favor.

Let me help you cut out the noise and hand you the trades I feel are ready to move and put bigger profits in your account. You can enjoy a consistent and reliable way to profit from the markets, without needing to do the hard work yourself.

With my service, I'll show you which stocks are showing the perfect set ups to trade... so we can get in, get out, and bank quick and easy returns in a few days or weeks. I can't imagine a faster, safer way for you to enjoy one winning trade after another. Subscribe to my newsletter service and you'll find the best trades that offer steady gains.

That's what my service is designed to help you do. There isn't a better time than now to start. The good news is, I've reserved a spot for you. Soon you can be making consistent profits.

To Get Started, Just Let Me Know and you're in!

But you'll want to do it now because I'm offering an introductory trial price of $99, which is $100 off the regular price of $199.

As so many of our subscribers have told us--they make their investment back and more on their first trade!

Again, with the Hot Stocks to Watch newsletter, you'll get my consistently profitable trade alerts delivered by e-mail. The trade alerts are short and to the point.

I'll tell you the opportunity, why it's a winner, the symbol, entry and exit, and the kind of profit I'm gunning for. The steps are so clear, even new traders can follow the advice.

How much money can you turn $99 into when you're enjoying bigger, healthier returns and gains. You can follow my proven track record for consistent returns for a low price of $99...

With my service, you get a newsletter with 1 to 2 trades a week. The way I see it, the fee is a LOT less than the profits you could make on just one trade. I'll help you find the best trades. I'll tell you the opportunity, when to get in and out, and how much profit we're looking for.

It's really the fast and easy way to piggy back off a 17 year trading veteran, so you can shortcut your own results and start enjoying the same gains. Simply click Subscribe Now at the bottom. I'll be sure to get you started on your profitable journey right away by rushing you the trades I believe will move soon.

Check Out the System On Me... There's No Risk!

I know I've made a lot of promises in this letter. So take 30 days to decide if this is for you. If after the first 30 days you don't like what you see, I'll make sure that you get a full refund of every cent paid. No questions asked. This gives you a free chance to participate in my trade alerts... so you can see for yourself that that this offers a true chance to profit.

Either way, if you don't agree that this is the most profitable investment information you've gotten... if you don't see yourself making a lot more in profit than what you're investing for this newsletter... you get a refund.

I'm willing to make you this offer because I'm confident you'll quickly see just how much money you can make with my newsletter.

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Serge Berger

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