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About Nicolas Chahine

I am from Main Street not from Wall street yet i have specialize in rate on credit spreads. Prior to trading full time I climbed the ranks of the corporate finance world. Then in 2000, I branched out with an internet venture as CFO/COO. The venture…

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Require lot of time to manage.

great ideas and support.

I love what you are doing! Thank you! Don




Nic, I appreciate the ideas you provide that are conservative in nature and consistently make money for us. You are always there for us to answer our questions. We appreciate all that you do for us. Cheers Sunil

Nic does incredible job answering and addressing all member questions. He keeps us updated on when the spread options trades he listed are good gains to book the green/money. I'm new to using far dated options spreads and I lose track at times but NIc keeps us on our toes with managing the trades and they are definitely WORKING!!

Great investment and worth the money if you're interested in learning more about options and spreads.

This is really a fantastic service. Nic has insight on the market that you can't get anywhere else. He is always available if you have a question. Very much enjoy this service!

This is a great service for learning credit and debit spreads. Nic is very hands on and easy to get in touch when you have a question or you are in need of some help with a personal trade. For $75 in most cases you should easily be able to cover the cost with the knowledge gained. I have only been a member for a couple months, but so far very pleased.

Nic's service is great! I have come a long way from knowing absolutely nothing about credit and debit spreads to making some decent trades. He is extremely prompt and helpful in answering all questions and doesn't make a person feel foolish for asking. Continued exposure to his videos, blog, e-mails etc. along with effort on a subscriber's part WILL pay off! Thanks Nic! I would highly recc

Nic Chahine is an expert at spread trading and a great instructor. He is dedicated to helping his students learn his craft. I made money on all of his trades that I took.

Nic is incredibly consistent with daily morning updates and market recaps. He is nearly always available during market hours in chat and with audio commentary, willing to take on any range of questions ranging from noobie to advanced. He even posts intra-day chart analysis and video tutorials in response to member questions. His analysis is very thoughtful, and he explains the reasoning behind his recommendations and various ways to play them. He's honest about what he can and cannot call, and has a number of longtime followers due to his very accurate and educational service. VERY highly recommended.

Nic has great insight and gjves you perspective