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About Nicolas Chahine

I am from Main Street not from Wall street yet i have specialize in rate on credit spreads. Prior to trading full time I climbed the ranks of the corporate finance world. Then in 2000, I branched out with an internet venture as CFO/COO. The venture…

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If you want to create income this is the what you need great service really enjoying it...Thx Nicolas!

I have traded spread strategies in the past using only technical. I am glad to be a member of your Create Income with Options Spreads. Your comments based on both fundamentals and technicals give a better feel for market behavior.

On target, thoughtful, useful...definitely a favorite. Mort Trachtenberg

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Good stuff here.

I want to write a note of thanks to Nic Chahine for all the hard work he is putting in to make CIWOS the best subscription service on the web. I have subscribed to two other services but no one provides the content and education that Nic does at such an affordable price - especially if you choose the annual option. Subscribing to the premium service gets you a resources page, chat room access, text alerts, daily recaps, near daily special videos on individual tickers, short and to the point educational videos to expand your options knowledge and finally NIc will respond to your questions personally usually within minutes. No one can predict the market with 100% accuracy but with Nic's help I have learned how to place the highest probability trades along with timely hedging strategies that have significantly improved my winning trade percentage and profitability. Thank you and keep up the great work NIc!

Excellent analysis.

Nic has really done the homework. Has both the big picture and the smaller picture in view, a great feel in situ of the market!!! No joke

Great service, I would recommend this service if you are new to option trading or even an experienced trader. Nic has great insight into trades that reduce risk and give you a great chance at beating the market short and long term. He also answers questions very quickly and i love that he uses charting to determine good entry spots, resistance or support levels and it isnt overly technical, he makes his videos very easy to understand. I've learned a great deal and again would recommend this to anyone that wants an edge.

So far just observing mostly but really like what I see. Of the many trading sites I've seen in the past couple of years Nic is far and away the best with communication. Everything he does is very transparent and easy to understand. His chat room, recaps, and videos keep the traders as well informed as I think is possible. Thanks Nic. Jerry

Absolutely the most customer oriented service on the Net! Nic is always available to guide u with your investing approaches. Won the equivalent of 10 car payments last month on one trade that was talked about in chat room and the parade goes on. Highly recommended to traders who want to limit risk and pump up gains. AA,Jupiter,FL

Nic provides great information, advice and trade ideas in real time. This is a fantastic product for intermediate traders who are in the market most days.

I normally work 8to4 , but I have been at home the last 5 weeks getting over surgery. I am need a service that I can use to make income when I return to work. I want to retire from my 8to4 job to trade. I am testing your service to see if It will help with my Problem.

I had a problem and asked for advice and received an immediate response. Very willing to help.with good advice.