Winning Big On Both Sides! SNDK, NXPI, SPY, CRUS, SWKS

While the markets traded down today, there were certain stocks that did really well. One group was the same group that got pulled down by AAPL yesterday. These stocks were CRUS, SWKS, NXPI, and AVGO. But, after the market yesterday, CRUS crushed its earnings estimates, sending its stock up 16.33% today! SWKS was up +3.49%. NXPI popped +3%, while AVGO added 1.84%. All of these stocks were high at one time in the morning.

We picked up NXPI calls yesterday near the low, and locked in profits in late morning today, booking in overnight profits as high as +79.4%! We had NXPI calls in both of my Happy Trades portfolio and the Ecstatic Plays portfolio with slightly different entry points:

In my Happy Trades portfolio, I also picked up SNDK calls. SNDK reported last night strong quarter results that beat the analysts' estimates. SNDK stock popped +18% today. We cashed out our calls near the day high for a nice +210% profit:

Because the overall market was weak, we also picked up SPY puts, which we took profits on when the market was near its lowest point. These gave us a +40.69% gain:

These trades have brought my Ecstatic Plays portfolio to a new all-time high!

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Good night and HappyTrading! ™

Posted to Ecstatic Plays on Jul 23, 2015 — 3:07 PM
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