Raking In Big Profits With Netflix and Google! NFLX, GOOG, GOOGL

Yesterday, we cashed out our NFLX calls for a nice +79% gain!

NFLX has been very good for us, and, we have caught just about every big jump. A couple of weeks ago, when Netflix announced the 7-to-1 split, we also caught some big trades. In an article, I said that the company's management would not have gone for a 7-to-1 split unless they believe the stock price will stay above $100 post split. So, when the stock pulled back after Ichan got out and the stock fell back to about $670, the stock had a lot more room to run.

Big buyers started driving the stock up before earnings. On the day of earnings, the stock split, and it was below the $100 mark. So, chances were good that we were going to see a jump after earnings. To me, the weakness on the day before earnings was just to shake out weak holders.

Now, today, we got a huge win, on GOOG/GOOGL! We got into GOOG 565 calls yesterday, and today we took the profits in the morning for a whopping +501.79%!

Just this one trade, made us almost $22k!

GOOG also showed similar strong buying ahead of earnings, and, the buying didn't stop! On the day ahead of earnings, there was a spike up in the last 30 minutes. It looked as if the news had leaked out already. People were rushing in to buy.

From the charts, I was estimating GOOG to hit $650. It opened at $649 today, and, my limit order hit a few minutes later. GOOG (Class C) continued to go higher throughout the day. It turned out that people were looking for GOOGL (Class A) to hit $700! Although we left some money on the table, you can't complain with an overnight gain of +500%!!

These trades (and others, we had a tremendous week!) have propelled my Ecstatic Plays Portfolio to new heights. Its value is now over 300K, with a starting value of 100K less than a year ago! It is the #1 Performer on Marketfy.com!

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Have a great weekend and HappyTrading! ™

Posted to Ecstatic Plays on Jul 17, 2015 — 5:07 PM
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