Mobileye N. V., MBLY, the creator and maker of software algorithms for driver assistance systems (in other words, systems that can make cars drive themselves), had a huge breakout today. MBLY was up +5.52% today and closed at $50.47, the first time trading above the $50 mark since September of 2015. This stock made a breakout move up to $47-$48 area back in April and had spent over a month establish a new base. This is a breakout that you'd want to pay attention to!

There has been a lot of talks about driverless cars recently. There are rumors about Apple (AAPL) getting into the car-making business, possibly looking at electric and driverless cars. Google (GOOG, GOOGL) has been quite public about its endeavors in making driverless cars. You can bet it is also on the agenda of all the big name traditional car makers. Take a look at this video with Audi and Mobileye:

Two days ago, the National Transportation Safety Board published a report calling for car manufacturers to make collision avoidance systems standard in new vehicles. MBLY stock made a jump on Tuesday, but, hung around just below the breakout point. Today, it broke out, in a big way!

I got my members into MBLY June $46.5 calls yesterday, and cashed out this morning for a +51.8% profit:

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While this trade gave us a nice profit, the buying in MBLY for the rest of the day remained strong. It traded three times the normal volume today! I think MBLY could go a lot higher from here. Its all-time high was set back in October of 2014 (two months after the company went public), at just over $60. I think it will overtake that mark by the end of the year!

I would not be surprised if MBLY becomes a takeover target before it gets big!

Good night and HappyTrading! ™

Posted to Ecstatic Plays on Jun 11, 2015 — 8:06 PM
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