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As a Chartered Financial Analyst armed with nearly 30 years’ of portfolio management experience, he set out on a mission to educate and protect investors by bringing more transparency to the cannabis stock industry. 

His research, analysis, and relationships with top marijuana company CEOs eventually led him to launch the 420 Investor—a service committed to its cannabis community—providing real-time, objective information about the top marijuana companies in the market.

Alan has appeared on Bloomberg TV, the BBC, and Fox Business News to discuss his thoughts on opportunities in the cannabis sector.

Prior to becoming the top “Cannabis Financial Analyst” in the industry, Alan founded his own consulting firm in Houston, Texas, and co-managed a $10 billion portfolio at Criterion Investment Management.

He continues to be a highly sought after blogger on Seeking Alpha and a popular Benzinga contributor.


420 is very informative for those who follow the MJNA industry and plan to buy stock in the greenrush market. It is key to have the benefit of Alan and his research for any serious investor who would like to have an edge in this sector."

"I've learned more about trading in the two weeks I've been a 420i member than in the three years before it. The place is full of knowledge and help and the people here are great Alan goes above and beyond anything I've imagined to bring us news, views, and mostly the truth. The truth is most important to me here. All around the internet you can find BS everywhere you look. But on 420i you can believe what you hear. I could go on and on. 420i has just helped me so much I can't be thankful enough."

"The amount you will learn in just a short period of time is amazing! This knowledge can be easily used for all your stock trading or investing in all sectors. If you want to really be good at something you would usually hire a coach or pay a trainer to help you get to your ultimate goal. Learning how to trade in a smart calculated ways is really no different. The guidance you will receive from this entire community will change the way a beginner or someone with years of experience will look at investing forever."



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