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“I have been following Tim Melvin's work for at least a decade… Banking on Profit isa terrific way to invest in a solid macro idea alongside a veteran like Tim.”


“I've been following Tim Melvin on Real Money Pro for years, and his stock suggestions have made me a lot of money. Subscribe to this service. You will not be sorry. His advice paid for the subscription several times over.”

“Tim provides solid investment recommendations based on deep value principles. You can build a portfolio of bank stocks that provides above average returns and still lets you sleep at night.”

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for Investors Looking to Bank HUGE Profits

Hi, my name is Tim Melvin.  I’ve spent the last 27 years as an advisor and portfolio manager in the financial services and investment industry. And for 15 of those years, I had the privilege of working as an insider in the banking industry.

I was taught by some of the best and brightest how to interpret bank disclosures to distinguish the profitable banks from the losers.

That’s why I created Banking on Profit: a service dedicated to positioning investors to recoup the money they lost in the market during a time when many portfolios were decimated during in the wake of the credit crisis and a stumbling economy. 

I realized that by combining my experience of digging through disclosures and analyzing banks—with the fact that the “great bank reduction” has greased the chute for a large number of small banks to sell at higher margins—there was a HUGE opportunity to help investors reap the reward of I like to call “the trade of the decade.”

So let me tell you why there’s a perfect storm of profits brewing. One that can position you to multiply your investments for the next 10 years…

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